Andrew Park

MoCSSy Member: Andrew Park

Status: Research Associate

E-mail: apark (all e-mails are at

Phone: 778.782.7070


Dr. Park received his Ph.D. in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. Tom Calvert. He has his MSc in Computer Science from Loyola University, Chicago and his BSc's in Physics and Mathematics from Sogang University, Seoul. He worked at ADP (Automatic Data Processing) as a software engineer and at TechBC (Technical University of British Columbia) as a Learning Support Associate. He taught a number of Computer Science courses at community colleges, TechBC, and SFU. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow of ICURS (Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies), working with Drs. Paul and Patricia Brantingham. He is also a research associate of MoCSSy (Modelling of Complex Social Systems). He has been working on spatial/temporal analysis of assaults and auto theft in Greater Vancouver area, social network analysis of repeat complainants, agent-based modeling of pedestrians under the influence of fear of crime, fear of crime and walkability studies using virtual environments, and modeling and visualization of homelessness in Tri-Cities.

Research Interests

  • A Virtual Environment as a Tool for Social Science Studies
  • Pedestrian Modeling and Simulation
  • Computational Criminology
  • Information Visualization (in particular, criminal information)
  • Fear of Crime/Perception of Crime
  • Social Network Analysis


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