MoCSSy Members

Management Committee


Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian - Program Director (Mathematics & Criminology)

Ms. Pam Borghardt - Managing Director (The IRMACS Centre)

Dr. Peter Borwein - Principal Investigator (Mathematics)

Dr. Patricia Brantingham - Principal Investigator (ICURS, Criminology)

Dr. Brian Fisher - Collaborator (SIAT, Visual Analytics)

Dr. Uwe Glässer - Principal Investigator (Computing Science)

Dr. Andrew Sixsmith - Collaborator (Gerontology)


Dr. Michael Hayes - Principal Investigator (Health Sciences)

Research Associates

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Dr. Vijay Kumar Mago - Research Associate

Dr. Andrew Park - Research Associate

Dr. Herbert H. Tsang - Research Associate (Computing Science)

Graduate Students

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Pouya Bastani - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Jonathan Cinnamon - Ph.D. Candidate (Geography)

Richard Frank - Ph.D. (Computing Science), Ph.D. Candidate (Criminology)

Charles Fritz - M.A. Candidate (Geography)

Parastoo Geranmayeh - M.Sc. Candidate (Computing Science)

Philippe Giabbanelli - Ph.D. Candidate (Kinesiology)

Niki Huitson - Ph.D. Candidate (Criminology)

Ehsan Iranmanesh - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Piper Jackson - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Tim Kelly - Ph.D. Candidate (Mathematics)

Hilary Kim Morden - Ph.D. Candidate (Criminology)

Sara Namazi - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Andrew Reid - Ph.D. Candidate (Criminology)

Mohammad Tayebi - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Katie Wuschke - Ph.D. Candidate (Criminology)

Hassan Khosravi - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Mani Ranjbar - Ph.D. Candidate (Computing Science)

Thomas Torsney-Weir - M.Sc. Candidate (Computing Science)


Azadeh Alimadad - Ph.D. (Health Sciences & Mathematics) - >>> Graduated - Fall 2012 <<<

Vladimir Avram - M.Sc. (Computing Science) - >>> Graduated - Summer 2012 <<<

Afsaneh Bakhtiari - M.Sc. (Mathematics) - >>> Graduated - Fall 2009 <<<

Laurens Bakker - M.Sc. (Computing Science) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2011 <<<

Chris Bone - Ph.D. (Geography) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2009 <<<

Jiyi Chen - M.Sc. (Computing Science) - >>> Graduated - Summer 2010 <<<

Andrew Reid - M.A. (Criminology) - >>> Graduated - Fall 2010 <<<

Alireza Saremi - Ph.D. (Mechatronics) - >>> Graduated - Fall 2010 <<<

Hasti Seifi - M.Sc. (Mechatronics) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2011 <<<

Valerie Spicer - Ph.D. (Criminology) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2012 <<<

Hengameh Vahabzadeh - M.Sc. Candidate (Mechatronics) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2011 <<<

Mona Vajihollahi - Ph.D. (Computing Science) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2009 <<<

Kyle Vincent - Ph.D. (Statistics) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2012 <<<

Tiankua Wu - M.Sc. (Mathematics) - >>> Graduated - Spring 2012 <<<

Research Assistants

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Shamim Amir-Rahmani (Health Science)

Eric Joel (Mathematics)

Ruby Doel (Criminology)

Suzanne Wuolle (Mathematics)


Vladimir Avram (NSERC USRA)

Molly Acheson (1/2 time, through generous support of Dr. Finegood)

Egor Chalubeyeu (through generous support of Dr. Finegood)

Philippe Giabbanelli (through generous support of Dr. Finegood)

Jordan Ginther (through generous support of Dr. Brantingham)

Natalia Iwanski (Mathematics, NSERC USRA)

Suraj Singh (through generous support of Dr. Borwein and Dr. Brantingham)

Mengting Sun (through generous support of Dr. Glässar)

Visiting Scholars

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Simon Pratt (MA War Studies, King's College London, UK)

Abraham Amankwah (Fall 10, Ph.D. Candidate, Physics, University of Ghana)

Gema Plaza-Martinez (Fall 08, Spring 09 - Ph.D. Candidate, Operations Research, Cornell)

Shivam Desai (Summer 09 - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Southampton)


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Dr. Martin Andresen (Criminology, SFU)

Dr. Binay Bhattacharya (Computing Science, SFU)

Dr. John Blake (Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie)

Dr. Sally Brailsford (Management Science, U. South Hampton)

Dr. Eric Beauregard (Criminology, SFU)

Dr. Paul Brantingham (ICURS, Criminology, SFU)

Ms. Martha Burd (Director, Health Economics and Analysis, BC Ministry of Health)

Dr. Robert D. Cameron (Computing Science, SFU)

Sgt. Tim Chad (NCO, RCMP)

Dr. Joseph Clare (Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia)

Dr. Roberto Cominetti (Ingenieria Matematico, Universidad de Chile)

Ms. Kathleen Deering (School of Population and Public Health, UBC)

Dr. Suzana Dragicevic (Geography, SFU)

Dr. Changiz Eslahchi (Bioinformatics Research Group, IPM)

Dr. Nicolas Figueroa (Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas y Matematicas, Universidad de Chile)

Dr. Diane Finegood (Kinesiology, SFU)

Mr. Ken Frail (Vancouver Police Department)

Mr. Eduardo Garza (Manager, Operations Research, Fraser Health)

Dr. Vijay Kumar Mago - (Computer Science - Memphis)

Mr. Philippe J. Giabbanelli (Kinesiology, SFU)

Mr. Jason Goto (President, AnalysisWorks)

Dr. Warren Hare (Mathematics, UBC-O)

Dr. Shane Henderson (Operations Research, Cornell)

Dr. Robert Hogg (Health Sciences, SFU)

Dr. Michel Joffres (Health Sciences, SFU)

Mr. Steven Kabanuk (Director, Surgical Projects, Fraser Health)

Dr. Azilah Kasim (Tourism, Universiti Utara Malaysia)

Dr. Bryan Kinney (Criminology, SFU)

Mr. Peter Lepine (Superintendant, Coquitlam, RCMP)

Dr. Aili Malm (Criminal Justice, California State U., Long Beach)

Dr. Raúl Manásevich (Ingenieria Matematico, Universidad de Chile)

Dr. Carrie Matteson (Kinesiology, SFU)

Ms. Sue Melnychuk (Director, Mental Health and Addictions, Fraser Health)

Dr. Greg Mori (Computing Science, SFU)

Dr. Hamid Pezeshk (Bioinformatics Research Group, IPM)

Dr. Bojan Ramadanovic (CSMG, SFU)

Dr. Alexander Rutherford (CSMG, adjunct Mathematics, SFU)

Dr. Mehdi Sadeghi (Bioinformatics Research Group, IPM)

Dr. Oliver Schulte (Computing Science, SFU)

Dr. Nadine Schuurmann (Geography, SFU)

Dr. Andrew Sixsmith (Gerontology, SFU)

Ms. Nancy South (Director, Monitoring and Reporting, Ministry of Health)

Dr. Steve Thompson (Statistics, SFU)

Dr. Herbert H. Tsang (Computing Science, University of Calgary and SFU)

Dr. Alexa van der Waall (CSMG, SFU)

Dr. Richard Vaughan (Computing Science, SFU)

Dr. Les Vertesi, M.D. (E.R. Physician, Royal Columbian Hospital)

Dr. Jeff Walker (Criminal Justice, U. Arkansas, Little Rock)

Dr. Gary Wang (Mechatronics, SFU)

Dr. Ke Wang (Computing Science, SFU)

Dr. Yanchao Wang (CSMG, SFU)

Ms. Angela Wolff (Director, Clinical Education, Fraser Health)

Ms. Fiona Young (ICURS, SFU)