Homelessness System Dynamics Models Workshop

Homelessness System Dynamics Modelling Workshop

May 12th, 2009
The IRMACS Centre,
SFU, Burnaby

Homelessness continues to rise due to social and economic crises as well as personal conflicts and health issues. Reports show that most of homeless people have problems of either substance abuse or mental illness, or both. Agencies such as Fraser Health Authority, RCMP, BC Housing, and community organizations try to tackle the homelessness problem. In order to reduce the number of the homeless and resolve related issues, it is important to understand dynamics of the homeless people and how different agencies can work together to provide better and accessible services for them. For this end, we host a Homeless System Dynamics Model workshop with related agencies. In this workshop, we discuss a preliminary system dynamics model of the flow of the homeless population in Tri-Cities developed based on the interviews with the agencies. We also elaborate on how to improve services for the homeless using the model and any possible improvements of the model.


9:00-9:30: Registration and Coffee

9:30-9:45: Opening Remarks

9:45-10:00: Introduction to the MoCSSy Program

10:00-10:45: Short Tutorial on the System Dynamics Modeling (Dr. Patricia Brantingham)

10:45-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-12:00: Small Group Meetings (Working on the model)

Group A: Dr. Patricia Brantingham

Group B: Dr. Warren Hare

Group C: Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian

Group D: Dr. Andrew Park

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-2:00: Small Group Meetings (More work on the model)

2:00-2:30: Coffee Break

2:30-3:45: Large Group Meeting

3:45-4:00: Closing Remarks and Reception