MoCSSy Semester End Presentations, Fall 2010

December 1st, 2010
The IRMACS Centre,
SFU, Burnaby

Semester-End Presentations

Each semester the MoCSSy program hosts semester-end presentations. These events bring together current MoCSSy students, non-academic researchers, academic collaborators, and anyone interested in knowing more about the MoCSSy program. In this event MoCSSy researchers present some current MoCSSy research.


13:00-13:10: Opening Remarks by Peter Borwein (The IRMACS Centre, SFU)
13:10-13:50: Richard Frank (ICURS, SFU)
"A Simulation Model of an Offender's Journey to Crime"
13:50-14:30: Philippe Giabbaneli (Chronic Disease Systems Modeling Lab, SFU)
"Structuring the obesity literature into a system dynamics model"
14:30-14:50: Coffee Break
14:50-15:30: Abraham Amankwah (Department of Physics, University of Ghana)
"Modeling Urban Air Pollution Using Cellular Automata"
15:30-16:10: Niki Huitson (School of Criminology, SFU) & Sara Namazi (Computing Science, SFU)
"Peer Influence on Binge Drinking:  A Cellular Automata Model"
16:10-17:00: Reception