MoCSSy Semester End Presentations, Fall 2012

December 7th, 2012
The IRMACS Centre,
SFU, Burnaby

Semester-End Presentations

Each semester the MoCSSy program hosts semester-end presentations. These events bring together current MoCSSy students, non-academic researchers, academic collaborators, and anyone interested in knowing more about the MoCSSy program. In this event MoCSSy students present some current MoCSSy research.


13:00-13:15: Opening Remarks
13:15-13:45: Piper Jackson (Ph.D. candidate, School of Computing Science, SFU)
"Crown Dynamics: Simulating Major Crowd Disturbances"
13:45-14:15: Eric Joel (MoCSSy Program)
"Simulation of awareness space as a product of activity and social interaction"
14:15-14:45: Shamim Amir-Rahmani (Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU)
"Lyme Disease: A Modeling Approach"
14:45-15:00: Closing Remarks