MoCSSy Semester End Presentations, Spring 09

April 6th, 2009
The IRMACS Centre,
SFU, Burnaby

Semester-End Presentations

Each semester the MoCSSy program hosts semester-end presentations. These events bring together current MoCSSy students, non-academic researchers, academic collaborators, and anyone interested in knowing more about the MoCSSy program. MoCSSy students present some current MoCSSy research, while outside speakers discuss some of their current research and modelling challenges.

The MoCSSy Distinguished Mentor Award is also presented at this event.


1:00-1:15: Opening remarks and Distinguished Mentor Award

1:15-1:45: Fiona Young (Director, Crime Reduction and Communities, UK Civil Service; Visiting Chair, ICURS, SFU) "Nothing Works, Something Works, Everything Works: the quandary of the policy-maker"

1:45-2:15: Valerie Spicer (MoCSSy Ph.D. Candidate, Criminology) "A Mathematical Model of Neighbourhood Migration and Crime"

2:15-2:30: Coffee Break

2:30-3:00: Jerome Bouvier (M.A., Executive Director, PoCoMo Youth Services Society) "Social Systems through a youth service perspective: Who do they serve? Are they accessible or restrictive?"

3:00-3:30: Ozge Karanfil (MoCSSy Ph.D. Candidate, Kinesiology) and Gema Plaza-Martinez (MoCSSy Visiting Scholar, Cornell) "Dynamics of the Homelessness in Tri-Cities."

3:30-3:45: Coffee Break

3:45-4:15: Rebecca Siggner, (Manager, Research, BC Housing) "Gathering the Facts To Support Homelessness Initiatives"

4:15-4:45: Mona Vajihollahi (MoCSSy Ph.D. Candidate, Computing Science) "Modelling Perceived and Objective Barriers to Physical Activity"

4:45-6:00: Reception