Reading Group

Welcome to the MoCSSy's reading group on Visual Analytics to Support Modelling. Below, you will find articles that need to be read, and articles that have already been read. Every time you read an article, please kindly share your review with others. Reviews will only be visible to MoCSSy members. Try to keep the reviews succint (3 paragraphs at the most) and highlight how the tools or processes showcased in the article would help with modelling. You can use a concrete example of a modelling project.

Articles to read:

  1. Hard-To-Used Interfaces Considered Beneficial (Some of the Time)
  2. Making Sense of Large Datasets in the Context of Complex Situation Understanding
  3. *New* Design considerations for collaborative visual analytics
  4. Reimagining the Scientific Visualization Interaction Paradigm
  5. *New* Collaborative synthesis of visual analytic results
  6. State of the “Art”: A Taxonomy of Artistic Stylization Techniques for Images and Video
  7. The ART of CSI: An Augmented Reality Tool (ART) to Annotate Crime Scenes in Forensic Investigation
  8. *New* A Visual Analytics Approach to Understanding Spatiotemporal Hotspots
  9. Visual Thinking In Action: InfoVis In Use On Whiteboards

Articles that have been read:

  1. MatrixExplorer: a Dual-Representation System to Explore Social Networks (presented by Nick)
  2. Research Directions for Data Wrangling: Visualizations and Transformations for Usable and Credible Data (presented by Candice)
  3. The Rapid Extraction of Numeric Meaning (presented by John)


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